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English guideline for overseas shipment is here .













EMS出荷時:弊社から輸送業者に貨物が渡った時点で、それ以降の保険料、リスクとコスト(輸入時の関税、消費税、輸入税など)はすべてお客様負担となるCPT(Carriage Paid To)を採用しています。

その他:原則、弊社敷地内で輸送業者に貨物が渡った時点で、それ以降の運賃、保険料、リスクとコスト(輸入時の関税、消費税、輸入税など)はすべてお客様負担となるEXW(Ex Works)を採用しています。







ご不明点等ございましたら お問合せフォーム よりお問い合わせください。

Overseas Shipment

We can arrange an overseas shipment.

How to order

You can place an order by e-mail. The followings are needed in your order mail;
Product information (product code commencing with “#”, product name and quantity)
Customer information (name, shipping address, telephone number and payment method)

Please send your first order from Inquiry Form, not by e-mail. (This page is written in Japanese but you can read it through Google Translate or the like.)

Order process

After receiving your order, we will get back to you with the estimate. Once we confirm your payment, we will start keeping goods for you and go on with the shipment.

With enough stock: when we have enough stock, our normal shipping schedule would be around 1-3 days after your payment. In case of busy season or our staffs in charge of international sales are out of the office, it would take around one week.

In case of stock-out: if there is stock-out at the manufacturer, it would take several weeks until shipping. We would inform you the shipping schedule or cancellation by e-mail.

Shipping method

Although the actual delivery schedule depends on the distance to the shipping address or the customs clearance, it would be about 3-14 days after dispatch. We regularly use EMS which is managed by Japan Post. We can also arrange shipping with UPS, FedEx or DHL etc. only freight collect if you have your own account. Please, find details about EMS on their website.

Shipping cost

EMS: We would charge the estimated amount based on the total weight of the ordered products including the expected packing materials. The balance between our estimate and the actual shipping fee would be neither additionally charged nor reimbursed. If you need insurance, please let us know and we would add the insurance fee to the invoice. The details of insurance are here.

Other shipping services: The price would depend on the agreement between you and the shipping company. We would inform you the weight and dimension of each package, so please ask the carrier directly at your end.


EMS: We adopt CPT (Carriage Paid To). CPT is that the responsibility for all the risks (such as damage or loss to the goods during transportation) and the costs (such as insurance, tariff, consumption tax or import tax etc.) is transferred from Naranja to the buyer once the goods are delivered to the carrier.

Others: As a rule, we adopt EXW (Ex Works). EXW is that once we hand over the goods to the carrier at our own place of business, all the risks (such as damage or loss to the goods during transportation) and the costs (such as shipping cost, insurance, tariff, consumption tax or import tax etc.) are supposed to be borne by the buyer.

Expense for returning goods delivered by Naranja’s mistake

In case that we shipped out a different product or quantity from the invoice, we bear the cost for return, exchange or additional shipping.

Expense for returning goods because of the customer’s reasons

Please note that we don't accept returning of the products, concerning overseas shipments, for the reason such as “they are bad quality”, or “the customer has changed her/his mind”. We are always trying our best to select the best products, and wrap them very carefully.

We would ask you to pay all the extra cost when you would like to return, exchange, or replace goods even though all of what mentioned in the invoice were correctly delivered. Also, any costs are supposed to be borne by the customer if the product was damaged during use (even if you used it only once).

Naranja will bear all the cost to replace the product when the product has a critical defect BEFORE you use (not while shipping), and you can prove it IN SEVEN DAYS after you receive the product.

Handling Fee

We would like to ask you for 3% of the total amount of the commodity prices as the handling fee for an overseas shipment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us from here.